Picture book MU SHU BUTSU "No owner substances" 1.1 English ver.

This picture book is based upon the private stories told by some inhabitants of affected Fukushima prefecture. Their tragic histories include children’s plight, family conflicts, breaking off of engagement for fear of the contamination of the fiancée from Fukushima and so forth. All of these extreme adversities are not openly told or reported by the governmental policy of keeping the real outcome of the nuclear disaster secret with mass media faithfully following the official policy. And even among the inhabitants of Fukushima, there is a certain kind of hesitation to bring to the public what has really happened in Fukushima because the specifically horrible character of the effects of nuclear accident on the daily life of citizens.
The aim of this picture book is to make this awful situation known to everybody.

The pictures titled “MU SHU BUTSU” (ownerless property), original version of this book, was exhibited in the spring time of 2013 in the Maruki Museum, which owns the Hiroshima Panels (“Genbaku no Zu”)of 1945, through special request of the Museum manager. During the period of the exhibition, one of the affected citizens of Fukushima, a mother of a high school boy and two middle school girls, was invited to tell us her untold story.
The picture book published the text of the talk of this woman on the pages of the last half of the picture book with an aim of making the real situation of Fukushima public in a wider population.

I would like all of you in the world that live in the places having nuclear power plants or being scheduled for construction of them to read my picture-book “MU SHU BUTSU”. This picture-book gives you the actual situation of Fukushima after two years from the accident of March 11.
I have posted a part of this picture-book on the website, so I do hope you will please take a look at it.
An A-4 size full color bound picture-book of 64 pages is \500.

A part of the sales of this picture-book is to be contributed to Fukushima Collaborative Clinic which was set up for the children in Fukushima who are now continuously exposed to radiation.

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